over the christmas break, i came out to my mother. when i came home for the holiday, i drove to ypsi with k for a night before driving to flint alone to spend the week with my family. it's an hour between ypsi and flint, and the whole drive i felt pressure building in my … Continue reading out

rest stop

k and i drove to michigan over the weekend to pick up her dog and bring him to our new place in baltimore. on our way into Michigan, we pulled into one of the elaborate rest stops on the ohio turnpike. it's late--maybe 9 or 10 o'clock and we were about 2 hours from ypsi, … Continue reading rest stop


when i was a kid, i learned the bible story where someone asks jesus how many times he should be expected to forgive another person. the forgiver suggests seven, and jesus says, "seventy times seven." i remember thinking that number was huge. that's 490 forgivenesses. i don't know anymore if i think it's too many … Continue reading parable